Therapeutic Collective- Holistic Care

Flourish Therapy Bar recognizes traditional healing practices and practitioners as an integral part of the holistic health and wellness model. Our clinicians work closely with sex educators, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, religious/spiritual leaders, teachers, educators, psychologists, and other light/energy workers. Some may even have specialties in these areas beyond their clinical license and expertise.

These practice acknowledge the history and lineage of healing in the spirit of Sankofa, which tells us “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

Community/WE HEAL

Therapy is more than what happens “on the couch” and Deep healing can happen when one stops being harmed, Our practice values activism and pursuit of justice through healing. We are a direct supporter of WE HEAL, A collective of health and wellness practitioners, advocates, and activists committed to the holistic restoration of emotional/mental health of Black communities

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